Before You Ask...

I'm a hobbyist, not a business. These are cakes I have made but I only do it for my friends and family now. Thanks!


Classic Pooh
Cream Cake with strawberries inside.


Avatar (as in Air Bender)

Cream cake with buttercream filler and frosting with fondant decorations.


Star Wars Cake for Tyler's 7th Birthday

Cream cake with buttercream filler and fondant decorations. Tyler's 6th birthday cake was the Hulk cake I did a year ago.


Oakland Raiders

Inside is a yellow cake with buttercream filler.


Transformer Birthday for Jay who is turning 9

Hiding inside is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling.


Senior Chief Advancement
Cream cake with buttercream filling. Buttercream frosting with fondant anchor.


Welcome Home to Daniel
No really great pictures of this one. It's a map of Iraq on top with camo on the sides and a flag draped on the corner. Everything is edible. Inside is a vanilla bean cake with blackberry filling.
Welcome home, Daniel! We've missed you!